Dr. Jenny Hobson - Myofunctional Therapy, Breathing Treatments, Tongue Ties, Preventing Tonsillectomies, and treating the Upper Quarter

Dr. Jenny Hobson, PT, DPT, MTC, CFC, CMTPT, OMT joins Brady and Michael Karegeannes, PT, MHSc, LAT, MTC, CFC, CCTT, CMTPT to talk about the treatment of the head, neck, jaw, and TMJ through rehabilitation of breathing and swallowing. Dr. Hobson is trained in Buteyko breathing treatments, myofunctional therapy, treating tongue ties, and much more. Both Mike and Dr. Hobson have trained under Dr. Mariano Rocabado.

Dr. Hobson has a long list of accomplishments, training, and services through the Hobson Institute in Illinois. Find more information about her and her clinic here. The breathing programs she mentions at the end of the episode can be found here.

For information on Mike Karegennes and the treatment he offers, including classes for TMJ and TMD practitioners, can be found on treatingtmj.com.

If you have any issue finding the information you may want, please contact info@freedompt.com, and we can direct you to the correct materials and people.

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