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However you define freedom, we help you enjoy more of it. From four Wisconsin physical therapy clinic locations in greater Milwaukee—Brookfield, Fox Point, Grafton and Mukwonago—Freedom Physical Therapy Services owner Michael Karegeannes and his team of therapy specialists blend the science of healing with the art of caring.

Hands-on, compassionate care starts with a comfortable, welcoming environment, one-to-one attention and therapists who combine advanced techniques with a healing touch.

Comprehensive, leading-edge treatments include services to address all ages and stages of life, activity levels, and expectations.

A program focused on you. As your partners, we listen closely to your concerns and evaluate your entire situation to tailor the most effective program for reaching your goals.

Single-source convenience. Our PT and OT specialties cover the full scope of what you need: orthopedics, spine and sports injuries, headaches, temporomandibular disorders, myofascial release, vertigo, visceral manipulation, bowel and bladder disorders, chronic pain, dry needling, hand therapy, athletic performance and rehabilitation, lymphedema, mirror therapy, injured worker, Pilates, fall prevention, pediatric to geriatric, ergonomic consulting and worksite evaluations.

You deserve more! Whether your needs stem from injury, illness, surgery or the simple desire to enhance well-being, call us today to enjoy more freedom.


We work to exceed the expectations of our patients. Our unparalleled team of experts helps you get your life back by knowing and understanding who you are and what you need. We produce an authentic, individualized treatment plan based upon your history, injury or condition, needs, and lifestyle. We also provide you with the knowledge and tools to stay healthy. We offer payment plans, cash plan options, and competitive pricing with no hidden costs.


We strive to reduce your pain and restore your function as quickly as possible. But that’s just the start. Your quality of life matters to us. Our holistic approach guides you to reach your optimal physical function, and in the process improve your overall wellness. This includes empowering you to maintain wellness with our focus on prevention. We will deliver care in a way that makes you feel like one of our family.


We will accompany you every step of the way on your road to recovery. We promise to be your health advocate. We will listen to your concerns with compassion, investigate your condition with our knowledge and cutting-edge resources, and produce a treatment plan tailored to you. We will collaborate with your medical providers to ensure you stay well informed and help you achieve a comfort level that makes it easy for you to follow through on a healthy plan.

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To contact us: 6908 N. Santa Monica Blvd.
Fox Point, WI 53217

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