Dr. Ross Carter - Regenerative Stem Cell and Nanoparticles to Treat Hips, Knee, Shoulder, and Joints

Dr. Ross Carter is a stem cell & regenerative nanoparticles expert, host of the "Regenerative Warrior" podcast, and a two-time #1 best-selling author. Listen to information about how stem cells can help with the healing and regeneration of your joints!

Get to know Dr. Ross Carter and how Stem Cells and regenerative nanoparticles are being used to improve patients' lives. Check out Dr. Carter on his website. Also, check out his YouTube channel, LinkedIn page, and his books. You can have a FREE 20-minute consultation with Dr. Carter here.

For more information, or if you need help reaching out to Dr. Carter, contact Freedom Physical Therapy Services, and we can direct you to where you want to go! 

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