Dr. Adam Miller - The Citizen Scientist Movement

Dr. Adam Miller is the CEO and Medical Director of Arise MD. He shares the incredible story of his exploration of medicine, spirituality, business, and leadership. Find out how you as the listener can and should become your own Citizen Scientist when it comes to your health and well-being.

This episode contains topics such as AI in healthcare, peri-operative care, how to prepare for surgery, sleep-apnea, stem-cells, spirituality, healthy living, treating COVID-19, the gut-brain axis, treating chronic disease, how our healthcare system should work, and much more. Dr. Adam Miller is extremely knowledgeable and is accepting new patients.
Dr. Miller's clinic is located in Mequon, WI but they have an extensive telehealth system. Find out more here.
Email Dr. Miller directly at adam@arisemd.com.

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