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Plantar Fasciitis and Shoes with Erin Bafunno

Erin Bafunno is a physical therapist who helps us understand more about the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Then Brady and Erin talk about footwear and how to decide which footwear is right for you.

Physical Therapy and the Gym with Kris Ganske and Nicole Gardner, DPT

A gym is a great place to build a healthy body, and physical therapy can make sure you keep up your routine without injury. Kris Ganske is the owner of Anytime Fitness - Mukwonago, and he sits down with Brady and Nicole to talk about that relationship and his experiences owning a gym.

Migraine and Headaches With Dr. Monica Maroney and Scott Coonen

Dr. Monica Maroney of Shorewood Family Chiropractic (check them out at https://www.shorewoodfamilychiro.com/) and physical therapist Scott Coonen come on today to talk about headaches and migraines in honor of June being National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month.

Osteoporosis Exercise and Nutrition with Diane Ping

Diane Ping is an experienced PT with a strong background in treating Osteoporosis. Learn how to take control and prevent osteoporosis through treatment, exercise, and nutrition. You have more control than you think!

Post-Intensive Care Syndrome or PICS with Molly Rittberg

Post-Intensive Care Syndrome or PICS is a group of diagnoses that can devastate a person and their family after being released from the hospital. Fortunately, help is available. We are hoping to educate as many people as possible, so those suffering from PICS can find the resources they need!

Steps to take if you are injured during quarantine, and maintaining physical health

Molly Rittberg, DPT explains steps to take if you are injured during the quarantine, and Brady Ament (personal trainer) talks about tips for staying active and healthy at home.

Creating Healthy Feet and Healthy Runners with Spencer Tredo

Spencer has a vast knowledge of feet and running. He talks about everything from running form, the history of footwear, how humans are built to run, and things you can do to make yourself a healthier and better runner!

Building Golf Longevity with TPI Certified Therapist Peter Stathas ft. Physical Therapist Scott Coonen

Peter Stathas, a TPI trained physical therapist, sits down with Brady and physical therapist Scott Coonen to discuss his expertise in golf. He shares his thoughts and knowledge on how he approaches the game to help patients golf for as long as possible!

Fighting Inflammation and Osteoporosis with Nutrition, Diane Ping

Diane Ping helps us learn about the body's response to certain foods. She also talks about how diet can help or make worse conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, and osteoporosis.

Hip Impingement (FAI) and Orthopedic Residency with Trenton Rehman

Trenton Rehman graduated from an orthopedic residency, so he talks about the process and benefits of participating in the program. Then Brady and Trenton dive into hip impingements and how doctors and therapists treat FAI and potentially prevent the disorder.

BS Injury Report: NFC Championship Weekend

Brady and Scott break down the injuries and matchups for the NFC Championship game!

BS Injury Report: Divisional Playoff Round

Brady and Scott break down the injury report from the playoff game against the Seatle Seahawks. Then they break down the game along with the other upcoming playoff games coming this weekend!

BS Injury Report: Wild Card Weekend

Brady and Scott breakdown the Packer Injuries during their bye week of the playoffs. Then they go through the wild card round matchups to make picks and breakdown significant injuries for the games this coming weekend!

BS Injury Report Week 15

Brady and Scott discuss Kevin King's shoulder injury and the NFC playoff picture.

Packer Injury Report Week 14

Brady and Scott are thankful for a relatively healthy Packers team but are a little worried about losses to teams out west.

How To Create an Exercise Routine That Works For You with Gary Shields, DPT

Brady talks with physical therapists Gary Shields, who has extensive knowledge of exercise, about the different types of workout programs, and how to choose the right plans for your specific goals.

Keeping Youth Athletes Healthy and Injury Free

Brady talks with Erin about youth athletes. If you have a son or daughter in athletics, listen to find out how physical therapists view youth training to keep youth athletes healthy and injury-free.

Packer Injury Report Week 8

Scott and Brady breakdown the Packer Injury Report and discuss Patrick Mahomes' patellar dislocation. They also talk about potential Packer trades, fixing the run defense, and predictions for the rest of the season.

Week 5 Packer Injury Breakdown with Brady and Scott

Brady and Scott talk packers injuries before week 5. Davante Adams and his turf toe are their main concerns along with some key defensive players.

ACL's and Healthcare with Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Michael Gordon

Brady and physical therapist Erin Bafunno talk with Dr. Michael Gordon about his background, ACL knee surgeries, and the healthcare system.

Packer Injury Breakdown Before Week 4 with Brady and Scott

Scott and Brady breakdown the injury report, give some insight into hamstring injuries and talk about fast returns from injury throughout the NFL.

Packers Injury Breakdown After Week 1

Scott Coonen and Brady Ament give a breakdown of the Green Bay Packer Injury Report and go over their top 5 most essential Packers that must stay healthy.

Foot Mechanics and Orthotics

Brady talks with Jeff Verhagen about his career, and then they dive into the mechanics of the foot and how he thinks the foot should be approached when prescribing orthotics.

BPPV, Vestibular Conditions, and Balance with Austin Burlage

Austin Burlage, DPT is a physical therapist, former football coach, and writes for the Tennesee Volunteers SB Nation site. In his practice of PT, he has a passion for treating vestibular conditions, including BPPV and concussions.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Erin Bafunno, DPT, Nicole Gardner, DPT, and Adrienne Loukopoulos, MSOT discuss Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, known as EDS. Patients affected by this disease face a unique challenge; the therapists talk treatment and try to raise awareness about EDS.

Michael Donahue's Recovery Story

Patient Michael Donahue shares his story about recovering from a car accident that left him in a wheelchair.

Mike Karegeannes, Migraines, and Patient Billing

Mike Karegeannes discusses migraines. Then Mike and Brady discuss healthcare in the US and how insurance companies make deals with providers that affect how the consumer is billed.

Nina Olson, Diastasis Recti, and exercise after pregnancy

Nina Olson comes on the podcast to discuss women's health topics, including Diastasis Recti and returning to exercise after pregnancy.

Mike Verplancke, Dry Needling

Mike Verplancke discusses his physical therapy story, becoming a manager, and his hopes for his hometown St. Louis Blues winning a Stanley Cup. Then Brady and Mike have a conversation about Dry Needling. What is it? How does it work? And how being able to dry needle has changed rehab for athletes and chronic headache sufferers.

Scott Coonen, Blood Flow Restriction Training, and Milwaukee Bucks Injuries

We get to know physical therapist Scott Coonen, the manager of Freedom Physical Therapy Services Fox Point location. He talks Milwaukee Bucks injuries as they play in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, and then he talks Blood Flow Restriction Training. Scott has specialized training in BFR and shares how it can benefit patients and athletes in rehab and training.

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